Our Fitness center was updated in 2005 with our renovation and all new equipment purchased in 2017. This coed facility is located just off the Men’s and Ladies’ locker rooms. Here, families can workout together on the best of equipment - Matrix treadmills, Octane Fitness Elipticals and bike, free weights, and strength training equipment which allow the members to keep the upper and lower body in shape. This room is also equipped with mats to use for stretching; the walls are covered with mirrors to aid in your exercising and there are four flat panel televisions for your enjoyment.

You may bring a personal trainer to workout.

Golf Fitness

Here at Oak Ridge as a compliment to our fitness room we have golf fitness instruction. PGA Teaching Professional David Branstad is a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified golf fitness instructor. David can screen you using a series of functional movement tests to see where your physical strengths and weaknesses are. Once identified, David can tailor golf instruction based on these strengths and weaknesses.

David has partnered with a group of golf specific physical therapists, personal trainers and functional movement specialists and collaborates with them to come up with the best game plan for your physical improvement. Through stretching and fitness, David’s partners will get your physically able to improve your golf swing, play pain free and play golf longer. Everybody has the ability to perform a golf swing, but your ability to perform a golf swing correctly and consistently, pain free and have it hold up over time is based on your physical ability to perform these motions.

Contact David Branstad by email or call (952) 939-5460 for more information or for your golf fitness screen.